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Based in Rhode Island, Hang Loose started about 3 years ago with a small trip to the craft store. After I learned different knots and experimenting with different colors, the company took off. I have worked with Boston Children's Hospital to use this company as a positive impact for their patients, and promote a feeling of generosity among our customers. Hang Loose is currently sold at Sweet Twist in East Greenwich, RI and through family, friends, and word of mouth. 

Every piece of jewelry from Hang Loose is made with thought and creativity with hours of work put into each necklace, bracelet, and anklet. Hang Loose promotes a lifestyle lived freely like the ocean, and never taking any beautiful moment for granted. So when you wear a piece of Hang Loose jewelry, you not only feel good, but you are also reminded you've done good

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I'm a high school student  and have always loved designing and using creativity through art. I have been the sole operator of my company since the beginning, but have received loads of help from family and friends. Hang Loose has allowed me to combine my creativity with the joy of giving back. 



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While living the "Hang Loose" mindset, we must remember to be grateful for our blessings and generous with our spirit. With every sale made, a percentage of the proceeds benefits Boston Children's Hospital and all they do for their patients. My oldest brother has been a patient at Boston Children's Hospital since the age of 2 due to a severe case of scoliosis, and throughout his experience, the hospital showed my brother and our entire family great compassion and care. My brother is now 23 years old and has finished his successful series of surgeries, thanks to the wonderful surgeons, doctors, nurses, and staff at Boston Children's Hospital. The hospital has done so many wonderful things for children from all over the world, and I hope that these small contributions exhibit gratitude to the staff and facilities as well as optimism for all Boston Children's patients and families. 


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